2.5 KG/4200W Stainless Steel Large Electric Grinder Dry Food/Coffee/Grains/Pepper Mills Grinding Powder Crusher Commercial/Home

2.5 KG/4200W Stainless Steel Large Electric Grinder Dry Food/Coffee/Grains/Pepper Mills Grinding Powder Crusher Commercial/Home
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Oписание продукта

Hot Sale Continuous Powder Machine Spices Pepper Sesame Grinder Flour Mill Grain Crusher 

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Product introduction

1.Specifically for almond, walnut, peanut, sesame seeds, spices, food seasoning oil material such as research and design of the stainless steel continuous feed

2.Machine shell and crushing slot ss304 through polishing processing

3.Design can meet the demand of users such as standby screen and brush accessories, can be placed storage room






Directions for use

1.This machine is equipped with three different fineness of screen mesh, according to the requirements of the clients crushing and the characteristics of the material, need to choose a suitable

mesh into the crushing chamber,Then shut machine cover, open the power supply, let the machine run slowly after 1 minutes make the material flow into the crushing chamber to smash.

2.Answer the hopper should be placed at the bottom of the machine, if the place is bad, powder falling out, answer the hopper is made of 304 steel plate, if in use processA correction can cause

deformation, with the aid of tools.

3.If you want to stop halfway, need to shut off the hopper, make grinding after the crushing of material object indoors during shutdown, the abnormal situation if the machineNo problem, stop immediately,

check the machine again after boot

4.After grinding, need to shut down, had better pull out the power supply, switch on again, to clean or replace screen crushing chamber

Matters Needing Attention:

1.The material not too big not too hard

2.Material after dry roasted and then shattered, the effect is much better

3.Need to combined with the material of high and low oil content, choose a suitable mesh screen

4.Crushing chamber Need to clean after crushing

5.The machine should be smooth in ventilated, dry place

6.Inside the machine is equipped with thermal relay, motor protection role, when the machine when the load is too big, in the process of operation will automatically stop, stop if the red light is not bright,

after fuse FUSEE have fuse burn out, need to replace.