BEIJAMEI 3000g Large Power Cumin Pepper Corn Pseudo ginseng Pulverizer Crusher Grinder Machine Commercial Grain Grinding

BEIJAMEI 3000g Large Power Cumin Pepper Corn Pseudo ginseng Pulverizer Crusher Grinder Machine Commercial Grain Grinding
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Oписание продукта

YF3-1 Large capacity Stainless steel Electric Mill crusher grains powder grinder machine pepper Herb grinding machine










Rotating Speed

26000 r/m








This model of grinder is applicable of herb grinding, health care products grinding, food grinding used in clinic, hospital pharmacy shop, Laboratory and family etc. also it can be used for lady herbal mask.It can grind green bean, rice, wheat, sorghum, corn, chili, soybean, walnut, sesame, jujube and pepper etc. it only take hal minute to finish.
This machine is not only ideal grinder for food and herb but also ideal grinder for pearl, chemical, mineral, soil, grain, coal, and other experimental material.
It only take one minute to grind kinds of pellet to powder(30-300meshes), uniform and no-loss.

1.Please pre-dry and small quantity and short time when grind sesame(with oily) and ice-sugar(with viscosity), you can grinder for more times to avoid the machine to hot.

2.Don’t wash the machine with water, you can clean the machine by cloth or brush.Moist products(meat and fruit) and excess quantity products is forbid.
3.Don’t let the material exceed half of the box.
4.Normal material only need 1-2minute, tough material need 8 minutes.
5.This machine can not running for long time, the maximum time is no long than 5 minutes.
If need grind bulk material, please run the machine interval.
1.Don’t open the power switch when the cover is open.
2.After long time use, you should check the carbon brush and blade, if wear out, please change.
3.Please check the screw of blade is tighten.

Principles and Applications

The machine is driven by a powerful motor to give the grinder blade extra speed, high-strength impact and a compressive crushing force. The machine is unique in its ability to grind fibrous, soft and lightweight materials.
It is intended for use in the the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry, research institutions and other sectors of materials processing where batch production is small.

It has 7 main features

l Aluminum alloy shell to increase heat dissipation with a hygienic stainless steel grinding compartment.
l Upright motor with low noise (circa 45 db)
l Horizontal spout and more uniformity
l Built in air inlet dampener to clear dust and reduce heat
l Dust bag to reduce loss and to dissipate heat.
l Twill milled slotted board to increase friction for uniform fineness of the product.
l The alloy steel blade is specially crafted not only to crush normal materials finely but also to divide materials for crushing for special purposes.


A fine sieve is incorporated in the machine. 
filter plates available in mesh 10, 20, 40 , 60, 80 100, 120, 150
diameter: 8 mm / 5mm/3mm

Application and Operation

l Check there is no debris in the crushing chamber before turning the machine on
l Select and fit the correct filter plate
l Tighten the wing nut on the grinding chamber
l Plug the machine in 
l Turn on the motor.

Listen carefully to the sound of the motor. If it is regular, proceed by looking at the meter. 
If the meter pointer is on 0 and steady, everything is normal and grinding can begin. Slowly feed in the materials through the feeding slide.

Pay close attention to the meter readings. On the YF3-1 model, as long as the pointer is on 5, feeding may continue. If the pointer reaches 10, stop feeding and allow the meter reading to fall. The meter registers the condition of the motor and careful monitoring will prolong the working life of the machine.
If the machine has to run for a long time, open the air flap to allow the grinding chamber to cool down. Overheating during crushing can cause compositional changes and carbonization. To avoid such problems turn off for one hour, then start again.

After crushing leave the air flap open for a few minutes to allow the machine to cool down. To take the powder out, close the air flap again.

For some materials the filters must be removed. Switch on, and open the air flap to allow residue gas to escape from the crushing compartment.


When crushing coarse herbs:
l First, fit the filters (B) into the filter guides. Filter 1 should be to the inside and filter 3 to the outside. 
l Attach the dust bag (A) and the aggregates bag (M).
l Make sure the cover (C) is well secured 
l Connect the power cord (J). Turn on the power switch (I) to activate the blade (G) for grinding.
l Please refer to the crush coarse herbs program.


l Assemble dried herbs for grinding. To avoid long strands winding themselves round the blade, cut the herbs into 2.5cm pieces. 
l The crushing blade should be moving when the materials are being fed in. 
l Feeding must take place gradually. Do pay attention that the meter pointer does not go over 10. If it does, stop feeding until the pointer drops and start again. 
l Overfeeding will result in switch (L) cutting off the power. In such cases:
l Put the power switch to the OFF position.
l Open the cover (C), remove the filters (B) and clear the crushing compartment of herbs.
l Then push the safety switch (L) do


l Cut off the power, loosen the interlocking screws, remove cover and put the materials into the crush box.
l Lock the cover tightly.
l Plug in.
l Operate.
l When the operating sound changes from noisy to quite, grinding is complete.
l Cut off the power. Unplug the machine. Loosen the interlocking screws. Open the cover and remove the powder.

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